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Coderfit: All you need to know for your programming career

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You will get the most value, if you are:

Scared of an upcoming economic crisis.Earning a low salary with no raise in sight.New to programming and want to get a quick overview.

Why am I qualified to tell you about tech careers: After working as a programmer for three years, I became a self-employed tech-recruiter for five years. I talk to hundreds of developers per week and in this guide, I distilled the pitfalls I see most of them do. I present lessons learned from thousands of hiring processes, salary negotiations and career trajectories. It will help you get ahead in your career, or your money back.

Why is this $49? Just the chapter on salary negotiation alone teaches you how to go to your boss tomorrow and ask for a $5K raise. 💰 This is a niche book written by and targeted to programmers with unique insights. Grab a copy and see for yourself! (You can always ask for a refund if you don’t like it.)

You will learn:

- About the typical coder career path: Ways to grow as an employee from junior, mid-level, senior, lead to CTO

- "Lindy" programmer things and the value of a university degree: Big O notation, sorting algorithms and data structures

- Spotting tech trends with substance: How computing evolved. The history of software engineering. Turing machines, Konrad Zuse, John von Neumann and Paul Graham.

- How to look for your first programming job: After college, a coding bootcamp, and teaching yourself programming

- Good software engineering habits: Do you even need to code? Hack it together, test it, make it pretty. Make not-too-big chunks. Have short pull requests. Name variables purposefully. Work with patterns.

- Four easy productivity gains as a programmer: Hacks to improve your flow while working

- "How to job hunt" - based on tips gathered in 5 years in tech recruitment: What four company types do you need to consider? Also learn about being headhunted vs. actively applying, talking to recruiters, LinkedIn and online profiles, and get the most important CV advice

- About applying to jobs: How should you prepare for and act during an interview? (Don’t be too arrogant or too submissive!)

- The trickiest interview questions and how to master them: How to talk about your past (negative) experiences and ask for the salary you deserve

- How to negotiate a raise: How to react when you get that offer along with three negotiation mistakes to avoid and sample salary progressions

- How to be a "good employee": Practical advice for the silent performer, the underperformer, the (passive) aggressive type and the overperformer

- Three tips to survive the workday: From office gossip to advocating for yourself and others

- How to spot great developers - a manager-perspective useful to candidates: Should you even hire? Find out where to look for candidates in your network and elsewhere and how to make a company-candidate match

- Break out of employment (and make more money): All your entrepreneurial options so you can decide what you really want to do, including freelancing (even as a senior), startups and more

- On non-competes and moonlighting: Legal reality and practicability

- How to survive an economic downturn: What is the psychological price of your investments? How important are cash savings? What will be the impact of the COVID-19 crisis?

The book reads like me sitting next to you and teaching you all I know about tech careers using examples and stories.

There is literally no reason to not be tapping into your true earnings potential by knowing fundamentals laid out in this guide, computer science hard facts, how to have a noticeable online presence, how to network, and follow a simple lifestyle. Succeed *now* in this day and age.


Dave wrote: "Coderfit contains the career wisdom that I'm looking for. If you’re trying to grow in your career (like me), or considering a career change into tech, I highly recommend it. This is the guide on how to survive and adapt in this fast-paced industry." 

Here Dave's longer honest review in a blogpost

Firas reviewed: "If you’re looking for ways to improve your tech career or want to learn more about the hiring process, I recommend getting Iwan’s guide. It’s filled with fun personal anecdotes and lots of really helpful heuristics!"

Amir said: "This guide provides useful specific insights as well as big picture views. Interesting to see applicable ideas"

Sarah wrote: "This guide made me realize that most programmers are clueless about how to advance in this industry, especially when it comes to being fairly compensated. I will try the “shit sandwich” negotiation technique in the next meeting with my clients! Thanks Iwan!"

Govind said: 

Grab a copy to get ahead now. 🚀

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Coderfit: All you need to know for your programming career

8 ratings
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