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Success-based salary negotiation training

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Are you

  • negotiating a job offer or hourly rates?
  • going into a yearly compensation review?

Why you suck at negotiation

Negotiation is something you only do once every few years. You can’t be good at something that you do that rarely. Imagine you go to the gym only once in a few years. You wouldn't be able to lift a pound. Most people aren’t good salespeople and don’t think constantly about how to promote themselves. Meanwhile, managers get lots of "training". They negotiate (salaries) several times a week. This training will bring you to level and equal the playing field.

My offer to you

Tell me your situation in one or several video calls and let us work out a step-by-step plan how to ask your boss for more money. We will work out a script that you can say verbatim to get a raise and we will role play pushbacks to turn you into a master negotiator.

Your investment

$0, nada, nothing, however, I will take a 20% commission on whatever it is you negotiated on top of your current offer. Sounds fair?

You get only upside

Best case: You will literally get thousands of dollars in pay raise.

Worst case: You don't lose anything. (Yes, this is how convinced I am that what I teach you actually works.)

Out of hundreds of interviews processes the success rate of this was:

  • 70% of candidates I worked with got offer raises of $4K-$24K
  • 20% got some other benefit such as more bonus, paid / unpaid time off, education budget. 
  • 10% of cases have delays: We couldn't get more money negotiated . We needed to wait a year and then their bosses remembered the negotiation attempt and offered more money on the next review to keep the person from looking for alternative employers. 

Most candidates aren't aware that there are certain things you have to say that will make the other party very willing to give you more money. 

Want to get a taste? Peek into "how to negotiate a salary" chapter in Coderfit: All you need to know for your programming career


"Iwan trained me on salary negotiation which gave me the confidence to ask (and get!) more fixed salary." -2019-01-28 14:13:44 Senior Python developer

"I was particularly impressed by Iwan’s ability to get me a much better offer from an employer than the initial one. It’s almost like he was a personal coach for guaranteed success" 2019-07-26 21:23:14 – Java developer

"Thanks to him I am able to get better salaries in better jobs with better conditions." 2019-06-20 11:23:24 – Senior .NET developer

"Iwan is very direct and honest he helped me with resources regarding salary negotiations which I am sure will be useful not only this time but for the rest of my career." – 2019-03-03 19:35:18 – Java Tech Lead

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Success-based salary negotiation training

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