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The Essential Video Meeting Guide (+29 virtual backgrounds for Zoom)

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Why this is important

Video meetings can become boring quickly because we do so many of them. But not only that—video calls can go wrong in various ways. Once, I aligned my camera in FaceTime (desktop app) so that my room wasn’t visible. When the call started, all went okay up until when suddenly my webcam caught a much wider viewing range. Not only was my messy room visible, but also a whiteboard with sensitive information!

In this short guide, I tell you several ways to avoid mistakes in video meetings and teach you how to make them more effective and fun.

This package includes:

The essential video meeting guide (25 pages): 

  • The best hardware/software setup
  • What to do in the morning before an important meeting
  • How to dress—are pants really optional?
  • What to tell your family members so they don't disturb you
  • Choose laptop webcam over phone or vice versa? How to not film your nostrils. Set up the right lighting
  • Stand or sit during a meeting?
  • How to make sure your internet actually works
  • Techniques to calm down before a meeting
  • How to use the STAR schema to answer questions effectively

5 professional virtual backgrounds: 1x for creative brainstorming, 2x for "neutral" meetings, 1x for a coding session or a meeting at night, 1x for a bug-fixing get together

24 city virtual backgrounds from the US, Germany and Switzerland.* It’s nice for the other video call participants to see your city and get a feel for where you are to build rapport. It can be a great conversation starter to talk about landmarks that aren’t well known, especially if you don’t live in a “famous” city. So, we added a compilation of lesser known landmarks from certain cities.

A tutorial on how to turn your CV into a virtual background! Do this, and your interviewer will be  impressed by your preparedness and creativity.

Especially in these times of rising unemployment, you have to find ways to stand out. You can do it! 🚀

Got questions? I would love to hear from you:

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The Essential Video Meeting Guide (+29 virtual backgrounds for Zoom)

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